Books Bygone

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I was looking to get something up quickly this morning so I searched my blog for “category: old books,” and “search: coffee.” I was thinking I’d get some hits for posts I’d done there on old coffee table books and do some copy/paste. And indeed, I did get some hits.

Perfect! I thought as I scrolled down the list and saw this.

Anna Mary Robinson is the primitive artist better known as Grandma Moses. Cannot go wrong. Fascinating life. Interesting Americana art. Rural scenes.

The “Books Bygone” part of the title indicated that this was one the series of articles I wrote for a column I had in our local weekly newspaper. (Trying to spread the ‘old books’ word back in the day. Lasted about half a year. Sort of sad talking to myself with no feedback. [cough].)

Unfortunately, the post itself had very little content. But it did have a link which took me to that Books Bygone site.

I had completely forgotten about that. Totally.

I see it’s a site so free. Not a clue what my log in would be. Nevertheless, several months of articles about old books. Yay!

Grandma Moses coming up!