Chronicles. News of the Past.

Here’s an Odd Book (if you will) that I Found in this Weekend’s Travels

Vol 1 In The Days Of The Bible

Originally published, in Israel, in 1954 and originally produced as a once monthly newspaper available at newsstands. After the publication of 48 issues they created a book form consisting of 4 volumes with 12 ‘newspapers’ to a volume. This is, I believe, a 1970 reprint of a 26 issue volume that was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the State of Israel.

An unusual concept of telling history as it might have been seen in the local newspaper.
I particularly like reading the Letters To The Editor as they might have been written BCE

There are advertisements throughout, a Classified section, even Crossword puzzles. I thought this Help Johah Out of the Whale maze rather humorous.

An unusual concept of telling history

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