Dinner Party Game?


In the Open Thread Comments, Jane said, “I just finished reading The Amenities of Book Collecting and Kindred Affections and I especially loved the closing chapter on Harry Elkins Widener and his tragic but romantic end. I was telling Per (on Gab) that if I were to have a dinner party of historical literary figures, I would love to have Newton seated next me on one side and Widener on the other.”

We can play this game. Or something like it. I have done this twice with friends and family. It is an absolute blast! Short version is that every player (real people) invites some number of guests to an imaginary dinner party, and those guests are randomly seated around a table. You can have any criteria on guests–time period, what they do, or you can leave it wide open.

Once everyone is seated, the guest at the head of the table says something. The conversation then proceeds around the table, on both sides or going just one way. The response from the guest next to the person who first spoke has to be related to what the first person said. 3rd has to respond to 2nd, etc.

Follow the conversation over there <–.

The only thing is, having done this, we need more people over here. It’s too time consuming if you only have a few players looking up quotes, and not worth the point if you only have a handful of guests.

Anyway– I’m game for something like this!