Golden Wheat | Off Topic Wednesday

When I was a child, my mom had a set of these wheat dishes. (Technically not this pattern, but I’ll come to that.) After almost all had gone by the way, she gave me the handful that remained. I have no idea why they appealed to me. Nostalgia? Fall? For years I kept an eye out for more. And then…

I spied two full boxes under a table in a junk store. $50. Sold.

What a mess they were but they cleaned up nicely and very few were chipped, though the gold rim had worn off a few.

As it turned out, there were three distinct patterns and shapes: the one my mom had, Golden Wheat Rhythm by Homer Laughlin (1957 – ?); Golden Wheat by Homer Laughlin (ca. 1949 – 1966); and Golden Wheat Versatile by Taylor Swift and Taylor (1953 – 1960s). [Dear Internet, No. I do not want tickets to a Taylor Swift concert.]

My favorite is the Taylor Swift and Taylor. The gold rim is wider and in real life, the colors are more vibrant than the others.

I have a set of real china for the Fall, but these do quite well on informal breakfast. All told I have 204 pieces, of which–you know what I’m about to report–65 are cups and saucers. Remarkably, the split is pretty even! Though I have never had occasion to invite 60 of my closest friends for a coffee cache.

4 thoughts on “Golden Wheat | Off Topic Wednesday”

  1. Very pretty! I have inherited two sets of china from my mother-in-law but only use them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have heard arguments for using your china everyday, but I think it makes them feel more special to only them bring them out on occasion.

    1. Thanks! I know people who live in the everyday camp, and as I have other things to do in life than wash china by hand every day… I, too have MIL’s china, her mom’s, her Christmas Spode, etc. So we like the every now and again approach. Pull it out once in a while, sometimes for no reason at all but just to enjoy it (compared to the classic everyday blue glass dishwasher WalMart stuff).

      What’s funny is seeing all of that classic motif Cornell ware going for $$ in the thrift shops. Really?

  2. I thought I commented on this post. But, don’t see it. Maybe I didn’t post the comment. Don’t wish to ignore your lovely post about the beautiful dishes. And, don’t want to be redundant.

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