New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (03/06/23)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (03/06/23)
2023 Book Count: 556

New books:

Title: Designs for Crazy Daisy Winder: Crochet Time Cut in Half
Author: Anonymous
Published: US, 1970

Title: The carriages at Shelburne Museum: (Museum pamphlet series, no. 1)
Author: Carlisle, Lilian Baker
Published: US, 1956

Title: The man with the iron mask
Author: Topin, Marius
Translator: Vizetelly, Henry, 1820-1894
Published: UK, 1870

Title: La vendetta di Zoe: Aristocrazia I
Author: Bersezio, Vittorio, 1830-1900
Published: Italy, 1895
Language: Italian

Title: Bird in Hand
Author: Housman, Laurence, 1865-1959
Published: US, 1916

Title: A Select Glossary of English words used formerly in senses different from their present
Author: Trench, Richard Chenevix, 1807-1886
Contributor: Mayhew, A. L. (Anthony Lawson), 1842-1916
Published: UK, 1890

Title: At Hotel On-de-Blink: An Entertainment in Two Parts
Author: Seiler, George P.
Published: US, 1916

Title: The agile Algolian
Author: Crossen, Kendell Foster, 1910-1981
Illustrator: Finlay, Virgil, 1914-1971
Published: US, 1953
Subject: Short story from “Thrilling Wonder Stories”

Title: Yashka: My life as peasant, exile and soldier
Author: Botchkareva, Maria
Author: Levine, Isaac Don
Published: UK, 1919

Title: Peeps at many lands: Wales
Author: Wilmot-Buxton, E. M. (Ethel Mary)
Published: UK, 1911

Updated books:

Title: The Imaginary Marriage
Author: Cooper, Henry St. John, 1869-1926
Subject: Fiction
Released: Feb 18, 2005

Title: Messalina of the suburbs
Author: Delafield, E. M., 1890-1943
LoC No.: 24013135
Published: United Kingdom: Hutchinson & Co,1924.
Subject: Man-woman relationships — Fiction
Subject: Murder — Fiction
Subject: Short stories, English
Subject: English fiction — 20th century
Subject: Teenagers — Fiction
Released: Dec 31, 2022