Horizon A Magazine of the Arts

Published as a hardcover magazine from September 1958 through July 1977, Horizon articles discussed the past, present and future of the fine arts, architecture, music, liberal arts, and culture– including contemporary American culture. Contributions from well-known writers, authors, and commentators.

Social Consequences? | Horizon January 1962

For your reading pleasure (and amusement) I’ve scanned the complete, 5-page article. Though Clarke’s terminology is not what we use, he was quite precient in many respects. One idea that has been discussed at some length is the Orbital Post Office which may make most air mail obsolete in a decade or so. A single …

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Albert’s Son | Horizon September 1961

We’re going to continue with the new format. As always a complete article is only a scan away if you’d like. (And I’ll take greater can than I did with some of these.) Text and images ©1961 American Heritage Publishing Company, New York, New York. “Will the new atmosphere translate itself into a style–perhaps even …

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“people are too damned dumb” | Horizon July 1961

I have only skimmed this but there are echos of C.P. Snow (and others) floating about. The main focus seems to be the shifts–beginning with Bacon–between the big picture and little picture of the world. This of course leads to the inevitable conclusion that “the haphazard scientific technology pursued without regard for its relevance to …

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No Deposit, No Return | Horizon May 1961

In early 1961, in New York City, a six-pack of Pepsi-Cola cost 49¢ plus 12¢ for the deposit on the bottles. When you returned the bottles to the store, you got your deposit back. Who remembers collecting “pop” bottles as a kid? Recently–in 1961–Pepsi decided to give consumers a choice, now offering a no deposit …

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Angels’ Wings | Horizon November 1960

Why do angels have wings? In early Christian times God’s messengers walked as men. But after the sweeping conversions of the pagan world Christian artists found inspiration in the flying deities of ancient faiths.

The Affair | Horizon September, 1960

Note: The Horizon: A magazine of the Arts series will resume January 9, 2023. The Affair by C.P. Snow Charles Percy (C.P.) Snow (1905-1980), a physicist (among many vocations), was an interesting fellow. Here on the Farm we know him best from his “The Two Cultures,” a lecture given at Cambridge, England in 1959. The …

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Just One Big Picture Window | Horizon July 1960

“The exact moment when privacy began going out of Amer­ican life has never been fixed by scholars. Perhaps it was the day when Chic Young. creator of “Blondie.” first put Dagwood in the bathtub.”

Tawdry Lace | Horizon May 1960

There are many kinds of fame, some to be desired, some, perhaps, to be avoided. One of the strangest is that which preserves the name of the man alone, while the man himself is entirely forgotten. –Their Names are Writ in Webster This week’s feature looks at the strange fame some men’s names have achieved. …

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