Superman’s mom | Horizon November 1961

COVER: Paul Klee had the kind of innocent magic that could evoke a wistful human face from the simplest of geometric forms. In Senecio he does it with circles for head and eyes, a straight line to suggest a nose, and two tiny rectangles where one would expect a mouth. “It is not my task to reproduce appearances,” he once wrote in his diary; “for that there is the photographic plate … but my faces are truer than life.” Senecio (now in the Kunstmuseum in Basel) was painted in 1922, a year or so after Klee had entered upon a happy decade of teaching at the Bauhaus in Germany. This was the revolutionary school of design created by Walter Gropius; in its artistic ferment­ to which Klee contributed-were born the ideas that have since influenced everything from advertising to architecture. An article on the Bauhaus begins on page 58.

I have omitted a couple of articles from this issue that were just too heavy on text. As always, if there’s an article which you’d like to read or look at in its entirety, just let me know.

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This piece had some lovely photographs of life, both rural and urban–ladies bowling on the lawn; ‘fishwives’ cleaning the catch on a pier in Tarbert, Scotland; a 2-page spread of ‘a traveler’ and his dog ‘on the moors of Campbeltown, Argyll.’ I liked the contrast of the kids and the top hats.

Quite a lengthy article about the history of the French salon. Be sure to read the first two paragraphs.

Many photographs and illustrations of the influence of the Bauhaus in design, domestic arts, type face, architecture.

Above is the whole article.

Lots of art. The gold is very nice.

Whole thing sounds sort of tragic.

She seems nice. Superman’s mom. Here she is at IMDB.

Wonderful drawings.