“people are too damned dumb” | Horizon July 1961

I have only skimmed this but there are echos of C.P. Snow (and others) floating about. The main focus seems to be the shifts–beginning with Bacon–between the big picture and little picture of the world. This of course leads to the inevitable conclusion that “the haphazard scientific technology pursued without regard for its relevance to …

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Science & Book Love

Philobiblon Books These are the masters who instruct uswithout rods and ferules,without hard words and anger,without clothes or money. If you approach them they are not asleep;if investigating you interrogate themthey conceal nothing;if you mistake them, they never grumble;if you are ignorant they cannot laugh at you. The library of wisdom, therefore,is more precious than …

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The main thing is to understand that in a world dominated by scientific methods and inventions the history of science should be the keystone of higher education. –George Sarton in the Preface to The Study of the History of Mathematics and The Study of the History of Science (second printing, 1957) From that infallible source: George Alfred Leon …

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