Weekend Open Thread | Reading? Writing? Thinking?

Thinking it’s time to feed Tiger the cat and then make French toast with homemade bread. And then… time to put away some books and find my desk.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread | Reading? Writing? Thinking?”

  1. Busy reading “Wood Frame House Construction”. The property I just bought in Beadle County, S.D. does not have a habitable structure on it, so when I get out there next Spring, I have to hit the ground running with a tiny home build.

    If I have any spare time, it is devoted to M. Bakunin or F. Hayek (“Counter Revolution of Science; Studies in the Abuse of Reason”). Oh, and a little Herzen and Engels.

    Yeah, that’s right, I read several books at once. I like to say I’m not OCD about my book reading habits, but it does mean that some do get set aside – temporarily (cough, cough) until later.

      1. Oh, yes. Space for my library was a prime consideration. In the tiny house world, one must maximally utilize space. This means that bookshelves need to be of the floor to ceiling variety. I currently have around 1600 volumes in my personal library, down from ca 2500 several years ago when I decided I needed to cut back a ways (yes, to be able to accommodate them in the planned tiny home). Since that time, the numbers have begun to build back up and while the quantity may be down, the library is considerably improved in quality. Build back better!

  2. I’m guessing that’s not your library. The shelves aren’t even a little bit full. Somebody’s way behind the 8 ball or awful dang picky about what books to house.

    1. It is the library of KLI (Konrad Lorenz Institute) in Klosterneuburg, Austria. It actually had some pretty interesting books, and was larger than just that one pic. But no. No books on the floor or in the linen closet. Beautiful space though. Wish I could figure how to get pics in comments.

      Have fun with your outings!

  3. Guten Morgan. Fed the 5 cats, 7 chickens, 2 cows, did last night’s dishes, left a comment about the Emily Dickenson post. Drank my coffee with a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ in it and now ready to see the world. Actually a very small part of the world in podunk Texas. Tradedays, looking for treasures. Grocery store, looking for sales and a social visit at the Antique Mall a fer piece down the road.

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