Weekend Open Thread | What are you reading, writing, thinking about?

This assumes, of course, that you have recovered from your food comas, and safely navigated your way through Black Friday.

This is the old Cincinnati Library.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread | What are you reading, writing, thinking about?”

  1. I just finished reading The Amenities of Book Collecting and Kindred Affections and I especially loved the closing chapter on Harry Elkins Widener and his tragic but romantic end. I was telling Per (on Gab) that if I were to have a dinner party of historical literary figures, I would love to have Newton seated next me on one side and Widener on the other.

    I also recently read C.S. Lewis’ essay An Experiment in Criticism and I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t find the words to articulate why exactly this essay has affected me so much, but I feel like it was life changing.

    I also recently found a podcast called The Literary Life that I am absolutely loving and they do a yearly reading challenge that I am thinking about. If we continue the monthly book club I would be very excited to see everyone’s ideas for some of these categories.

    Reading Challenges

  2. Reading: All of my reading the last couple of weeks has been purposeful, *for something*. Clementine Paddleford’s “How America Eats” to collect recipes to post at my blog, and also to begin the old cookbook series here. By the way, this is an absolutely delightful book. As she travels around collecting recipes from across the country, she collects stories about the people and places as well. And she tells them with wit and humor.

    Revisited The Water-babies for The Kid Blog at Miss Missy’s School. Looked through that book on Greek Literature. For some reason, The Oxford Handbook of Children’s Literature is sitting over there. Might have been refreshing my memories of Tom Brown’s School Days.

    Writing: Heh.

    Thinking about: Read something this morning and ran into Arnold Toynbee. Poor Arnold. People keep wanting to bring him back and it’s just not happening.


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