1/14/23 Open Thread | Reading, Writing, Thinking

Reading. Started the paper, “Educating Milton: Paradise Lost, Accommodation, and The Story of Paradise Lost, for Children” by Jonathan Sircy (Milton Quarterly, Vol. 45, No. 3, 2011) because I have The Story of Paradise Lost, for Children. Paused because I need to finish the book before I start reading the critique. Looks interesting though.

Writing. A difficult scene in my next book, and a short grownup story in my head.

Thinking. Several months ago I wrapped some avocado pits in wet paper towels and put them in sandwich bags. I’ll be danged it they didn’t eventually sprout. So I’m thinking today is the day to move my little avocado forest to peat pots!

Pictured is a most definitely not clean or climate controlled storeroom (one of several) in an old building on the campus of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

The sign on the door identifies room 4, and basically says the library is closed. There were a lot of really old and interesting books in there. Many were written in Latin or French. Unfortunately, it’s sort of hard to transport books across the pond in your luggage. The “duplicate” one I did bring home (yes, I asked if it was okay) is way cool, though. I’ll pull it out one random day.