Albert’s Son | Horizon September 1961

COVER: While European Old Masters continue to cross the ocean to enter American museums and collections, contemporary American paintings in increasing numbers are finding comparable homes in Europe. Such a one is Albert’s Son by Andrew Wyeth, recently presented to the National Gallery in Oslo by a former United State ambas­sador to Norway, L. Corrin Strong. Wyeth says that this study of a neighbor lad in Maine is “really a self-portrait of me as a kid.” On page 88, an interview with Wyeth introduces a color gravure portfolio of some of his leading paintings.

We’re going to continue with the new format. As always a complete article is only a scan away if you’d like. (And I’ll take greater can than I did with some of these.)

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“Will the new atmosphere translate itself into a style–perhaps even a program?”

Time will tell.

In my day we labored under the incubus of the Holy Roman Empire…. You live among the more humane United Nations….

Me: A very nice histroy. From one of the final pages in this 25 page article:

Today’s Sicily is rich only in monuments. Its principal inheritance from the past is an unshakable burden of poverty, violence, illiteracy and despair.

Me: Sorry about this. Neither my wand nor my flat bed scanner can handle the full dimensions of a two-page spread.

Me: Wonderful Simply wonderful. Do what you need to do to embiggen and read the whole thing.

Me: The constant eye movements are called saccades. You can get some crazy experimental results by messing around with saccades.

There’s a nice group photo at the end–a “typical Blenheim house part.” The Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), Lady Randolph Churchill (Sir Winston’s mother), Princess of Wales. Looks like a good time was had by all.

And finally–the Commonplace Book

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