At Least It’s Not Raining!

Got home yesterday afternoon from the bigger town a fer piece down the road just as the snowflakes started. Deep In The Heart Of Texas! Looks like today’s a day of frozen rain and sleet (what’s the difference?). Got everything we need so we can stay home and stay warm. Only concern is ice laden branches falling on power lines. That’s what happened last February. But, we’re prepared for that too. Guess I’ll read some of the dozen or so Nancy Drew books I picked up yesterday. They’re the reason for our trip out of town yesterday, to pick up the auction lots I won. How’s winter treating you? Stay warm and stay safe y’all

1 thought on “At Least It’s Not Raining!”

  1. I missed this. Sorry. How did you make out? Lights stay one, etc.? Weather here is just crummy. Cold-ish. Drizzle to light rain. Gray. So, first of February. But I got a new book!!

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