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I read this story yesterday. At this point this nonsense is just old news. I can only shake my head in disgust and lucky for me I’m a physical book lover, my favorites being children’s books. Thus, I have a large number of children’s books in my collection. A while ago I picked up a …

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Great Books

Per Mark Twain, “The great books are the books that everyone wishes he had read, but no one wants to read”. People wish they had read them because they are indispensable material… They shy away from reading them because these books require thought. Mortimer J. Adler, Professor, Philosopher, Literary Critic. Out of The Best Books, …

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Texas Winter Wonderland

Still unable to reply. Power on and off yesterday. I figure from downed branches. Managed to get a pot roast finished between outages. Power off since 1ish am today. Have propane heater going this morning and propane cooker provided coffee. We’ll enjoy the hearty roast today, for sure (via propane cooker). Warmed up today to …

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At Least It’s Not Raining!

Got home yesterday afternoon from the bigger town a fer piece down the road just as the snowflakes started. Deep In The Heart Of Texas! Looks like today’s a day of frozen rain and sleet (what’s the difference?). Got everything we need so we can stay home and stay warm. Only concern is ice laden …

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