In the Nursery of My Book House. Olive Beaupré Miller, ed. The Book House for Children, Chicago. 1937. 

For those unfamiliar with The Book House, it is a series of books for children, and what we now call young adults readers, with each of the twelve volumes being “graded” to kids’ growth. One of the best collections of books for children ever published.

I was doing some very intellectually challenging research yesterday. Are the words to Ring around the rosey that I learned the same as everyone else in my age cohort learned? Yes. But we apparently didn’t learn any of the older versions. As I was skimming the TOC of In the Nursery, I once again noted how many author’s names I recognized as writers for adults, not children.

We have “Rhymes from Shakespeare,” the Brownings, Keats, Wordsworth, Tennyson…. It’s amazing the stuff kids were exposed to.

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  1. Amazing! It makes me very depressed to see how far we have fallen. Kids today (unless they are being homeschooled) are not being educated nor edified. It is an evil agenda at work.

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