“But those are the ones I read”

It’s a new week* at the Guide to Daily Reading, and so we have a new epigraph.

Montaigne with his sheepskin blistered,
An Howell the worse for wear,
And the worm-drilled Jesuit's Horace,
And the little old cropped Molière--
And the Burton I bought for a florin,
And the Rabelais foxed and flea'd--
For the others I never have opened
But those are the ones I read
--Austin Dobson

Austin Dobson, in full Henry Austin Dobson, (born Jan. 18, 1840, Plymouth, Devonshire, Eng.—died Sept. 2, 1921, London), English poet, critic, and biographer whose love and knowledge of the 18th century lent a graceful elegance to his poetry and inspired his critical studies. Britannica

* A new week begins when I happen to turn the page!