Feedback, please! UPDATED

I have a list of things that need to be addressed. Chief among them, I seem to have lost the like button somewhere along the way. I also don’t like that in the sidebar, the font is different for Recent comments and post, compared to the Author list.

Yesterday Marcia suggested the Author list, which I think is great. When you have a few minutes, can you take a look around and with respect appearance and functionality, let me know what else needs to be touched up? I know how things look and work on a MacBook, iPhone and iPad, but PC and Android, not a clue, so please let me know also what system you’re using.

When I collect your thoughts, I’ll email our very own Tech Administrator (Daughter Kat) and ask her for help.

Finally, and again, as you are able, give posting a try. Doesn’t have to be anything earth-shattering or for now book related. If you’re not a wordpress person, just give it a go. Thank! Much appreciated.

UPDATE! Just occurred to me that some might not even know how to begin to post. So MARCIA!! How do you do it? I have to go here: and log in (though I stay logged in). And then hit NEW POST which on a laptop is on the left hand side. Hit return after you type the title, and then begin typing. To add an image, click on the + sign in blue, and click image. Let me know if you have questions.

3 thoughts on “Feedback, please! UPDATED”

  1. I am a bit rusty with WP but managed to cobble together a little post related to our book club reading.

  2. Well, I’m not the tech type. But with your tutelage I did complete 2 post with out difficulty. First you need to pull down the menu. I’m always at a lost from “Home Page” to find the menu. It’s always by happenstance. It’s the 3 horizontal Bars on top left corner on android phone. And it’s there opened on the left on my kindle. Then just choose “posts” and “add posts”. From there I just did what was instructed in box. And use the “plus” signed to add images and other options. I just played around and in the end was rather happy with the results.

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