Guide to Daily Reading 11/14/22

Introduction to The Pocket University Guide to Daily Reading

Booker T. Washington died on this date in 1915

Daily Reading

  • Booker T. Washington [excerpts from Up from Slavery–an Autobiography; PG #2376]

From the Editor’s Introduction to the 17-page excerpt:

Booker T. Washington used to say that a man’s success in life should be measured by the distance he climbs from the point at which he started. Measured by this standard few men were ever more successful than Booker T. Washington himself.

George Iles, ed. The Pocket University Volume XVII Part I, Autobiography Writers, p. 176

Though I must have in school, I don’t recall reading any Booker t. Washington. Just skimming now but it’s fascinating. His reflections on the lack of self-reliance on the part of the slave owner and his family are something I’d never even considered.