“Lift Up Thine Eyes”

Norman Rockwell, 1957

Note there’s not a cell phone in sight! Found while sitting on the floor in front of the little commode that contains a stack of Christmas books. From Norman Rockwell’s Christmas Book: Carols, Stories, Poems, Recollections, Molly Rockwell, ed. Simon and Schuster, New York, 1977.

5 thoughts on ““Lift Up Thine Eyes””

  1. A great Rockwell! I have seen old vintage films from New York taken around the early parts of 1900 and there seemed have been a lot more interaction between people on the streets on Manhattan back then. But Rockwell have almost all in this painting looking down as they pass the entrance to the church. Almost like an expression of guilt…

    1. I found the picture in that book, but went searching for it online and came across a little critique. It said Rockwell was lambently the loss of religion in people’s lives. ???

      I’m not an art person, but I looked at that long and hard. It’s amazing. The critique said he also studied someone’s painting of a cathedral for quite some time before he began.

      1. You guys nailed it. That is St. Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in NYC. Rockwell studied Monet’s renderings of Rouen Cathedral (of which he painted more than thirty views to catch the effect of light at different times of the day and the year, as well as atmospheric conditions). He is definitely commenting on the hurried pace of modern life and the waning faith of Americans.

  2. That’s pretty cool. No cell phones, but still no interaction between the people on the sidewalk. Must be a New York street. Then… zoom in on the sign…

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