New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (01/07/23)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (01/07/23)
2023 Book Count: 57

New books:

Title: Greener than spruce
Author: Farris, Herbert
Published: US, 1926

Title: Galactic heritage
Author: Long, Frank Belknap, 1903-1994
Published: US, 1948
Subject: Short story from “Thrilling Wonder Stories” magazine

Title: Moll Davis
Author: Capes, Bernard, 1854-1918
Published: UK, 1916

Title: The Flame-Gatherers
Author: Potter, Margaret Horton, 1881-1911
Published: US, 1904

Title: The shape of things
Author: Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012
Published: US, 1947
Subject: Short story from “Thrilling Wonder Stories” magazine

Title: An embroidery book
Author: Arthur, Anne Knox
Published: UK, 1920

Title: At the gateways of the day
Author: Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972
Illustrator: Fraser, Juliette May
Published: US, 1924

Title: Elementary woodworking
Author: Foster, Edwin W.
Published: US, 1903

Title: Lord Lister No. 0019: De erfenis van Eaglestone
Author: Blankensee, Theo von, 1888?-1928
Author: Matull, Kurt, 1872-1930?
Published: Netherlands, 1910
Language: Dutch

Title: The land of gold: or, Three years in California
Author: Colton, Walter
Published: US, 1860

Title: Authors at home: Personal and biographical sketches of well-known American writers
Editor: Gilder, J. L. & J. B.
Published: US, 1902

Updated Books:

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  1. Authors at Home. CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER!!

    Zeugma, this is a goldmine. What a reference book. Thanks.

    “Three-quarters of a mile west of the railway station, in an angle which Farmington Avenue makes with Forest Street, and where the town looks out into the country, lived Mr. Warner, with Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain for his near neighbors. The houses where they once lived are but a stone’s throw apart. No stones were thrown between them, however, the three authors having been not on stone-throwing terms, but very far otherwise. Mr. Warner’s house is a spacious, attractive dwelling, of the colonial style. It stands, unenclosed, several rods back from the street, in a grove of noble chestnuts, having no other grounds nor needing any other. Close behind it, at the foot of a steep, bushy bank, sweeps the bend of a considerable stream.”

    1. Nice! Glad you liked that. You’ll notice I’m including the updated books here, since you were interested. There were a bunch of those today!

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