New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (01/21/23)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (01/21/23)
2023 Book Count: 177

New books:

Title: Encaustic: Or, Count Caylus’s method of painting in the manner of the ancients. To which is added a sure and easy method for fixing of crayons
Author: Müntz, Jean-Henri, 1727-1798
Published: (UK?) EN: Bible and Crown,1760.

Title: Travels through Central Africa to Timbuctoo and across the Great Desert to Morocco performed in the year 1824-1828, in Two Volumes, Vol. I
Author: Caillié, René, 1799-1838
Published: UK, 1830

Title: La police secrète prussienne
Author: Tissot, Victor, 1845-1917
Published: France, 1885
Language: French

Title: Mr. Arnold: A romance of the Revolution
Author: Lynde, Francis, 1856-1930
Illustrator: Adams, John Wolcott, 1874-1925
Published: US, 1923

Title: Maantiede ja löytöretket III: Uusin aika 17.-vuosisadan alusta nykyaikaan (alkupuoli)
Author: Inha, Into Konrad, 1865-1930
Published: Finland, 1923
Language: Finnish
Released: Jan 21, 2023

Title: The medieval Inquisition: A study in religious persecution
Author: Gorman, Charles
Published: UK, 1918

Updated Books:

Title: Camille (La Dame aux Camilias)
Author: Dumas, Alexandre, 1824-1895
Subject: Fathers and sons — Fiction
Subject: Love stories
Subject: Paris (France) — Fiction
Subject: Courtesans — Fiction
Subject: Tuberculosis — Patients — Fiction
Released: Jan 1, 1999

Title: Chance: A Tale in Two Parts
Author: Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924
Subject: Sea stories
Subject: Psychological fiction
Subject: Young women — Fiction
Subject: Love stories
Subject: Fathers and daughters — Fiction
Subject: Children of prisoners — Fiction
Subject: Ship captains’ spouses — Fiction
Released: Nov 16, 2007

Title: The Benefactress
Author: Von Arnim, Elizabeth, 1866-1941
Subject: Fiction
Released: Oct 20, 2009