New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (01/24/23)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (01/24/23)
2023 Book Count: 200

New books:

Title: Dark of the Moon
Author: Teasdale, Sara, 1884-1933
Published: US, 1926

Title: The Barber’s Chair, and the Hedgehog Letters
Author: Jerrold, Douglas William, 1803-1857
Editor: Jerrold, Blanchard, 1826-1884
Published: UK, 1874

Title: Harriet Beecher Stowe: a biography for girls
Author: Crow, Martha Foote, 1854-1924
Published: US, 1913

Title: Rose Mather: A tale
Author: Holmes, Mary Jane, 1825-1907
Published: US, 1868

Title: Bradford’s history of the Plymouth settlement, 1608-1650: Rendered into Modern English by Harold Paget
Author: Bradford, William, 1590-1657
Editor: Paget, Harold
Published: US, 1909

Title: Le monde de la mer
Author: Frédol, Alfred
Published: France, 1866
Language: French

Title: Cuentos ilustrados
Author: Fabra, Nilo María
Published: Spain, 1895
Language: Spanish

Title: Gout: With a section on ocular disease in the gouty by W. M. Beaumont
Author: Llewellyn, Llewellyn Jones
Contributor: Beaumont, W. M.
Published: US, 1921

Title: The windfairies and other tales
Author: De Morgan, Mary, 1850-1907
Illustrator: Cockerell, Olive
Published: UK, 1900

Updated Books:

Title: Bucky O’Connor: A Tale of the Unfenced Border
Author: Raine, William MacLeod, 1871-1954
Subject: Fiction
Subject: Western stories
Released: Jul 1, 1999