New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (02/26/23)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (02/26/23)
2023 Book Count: 488

New books:

Title: Mezzotints in modern music: Brahms, Tschaïkowsky, Chopin, Richard Strauss, Liszt and Wagner
Author: Huneker, James, 1857-1921
Published: US, 1899
Subject: Liszt, Franz, 1811-1886
Subject: Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883
Subject: Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849
Subject: Music — 19th century — History and criticism
Subject: Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897
Subject: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893
Subject: Strauss, Richard, 1864-1949

Title: The suppression of tuberculosis: Together with observations concerning phthisiogenesis in man and animals and suggestions concerning the hygiene of cow stables and the production of milk for infant-feeding, with special reference to tuberculosis
Author: Behring, Emil von, 1854-1917
Translator: Bolduan, Charles, 1873-1950
Published: US, 1904
LoC Class: RC: Medicine: Internal medicine
Subject: Tuberculosis — Prevention

Title: The curse of gold
Author: Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia), 1810-1886
Published: US, 1869

Title: The lost oases
Author: Hassanein, Ahmed Mohammed
Published: US, 1925

Title: Islâm
Author: Ali, Syed Ameer
Published: UK, 1909

Title: Little Mother Goose
Author: Anonymous
Published: US, 1895

Title: Wanderings of a beauty: A tale of the real and the ideal
Author: James, Mrs. Edwin
Published: US, 1863

Title: A bitter reckoning: or, Violet Arleigh
Author: Collins, E. Burke, Mrs., 1848-
Published: US, 1893

Title: The early English cotton industry
Author: Daniels, George W.
Contributor: Unwin, George
Published: UK, 1920

Title: Pikku Pietari
Author: France, Anatole, 1844-1924
Translator: Hollo, J. A. (Juho Aukusti), 1885-1967
Published: Finland, 1924
Language: Finnish

Title: The story of Santa Klaus: Told for children of all ages from six to sixty
Author: Walsh, William S., 1854-1919
Illustrator: Nast, Thomas, 1840-1902
Published: US, 1909

Title: Frank Allen at Old Moose Lake: Or, the trail in the snow
Author: Forbes, Graham B.
Published: US, 1926

Title: Mes cahiers rouges au temps de la Commune
Author: Vuillaume, Maxime
Published: France, 1900
Language: French

Title: The marrying monster
Author: Stamm, Claus
Published: US, 1960
Subject: Short story from “Fantastic Universe” magazine

Title: The perverse erse
Author: Coblentz, Adrien
Published: US, 1960
Subject: Short story from “Fantastic Universe” magazine

Title: The psychology of the poet Shelley: to which is prefixed a life of the author
Author: Barnefield, George
Author: Carpenter, Edward, 1844-1929
Published: UK, 1925

Title: Time for survival
Author: Smith, George O. (George Oliver), 1911-1981
Published: US, 1960
Subject: Short story from “Fantastic Universe” magazine

Title: Under England’s flag: from 1804-1809: the memoirs, diary and correspondence of Charles Boothy, Captain of Royal Engineers, compiled by the last survivors of his family
Author: Boothby, Charles
Compiler: Boothby, Cecilia Elizabeth
Compiler: Boothby, Martha Serena
Published: UK, 1900

Updated Books:

Title: The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Complete
Published: Catholic Software
Subject: Bible
Released: Dec 1, 1998