New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (03/21/23)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (03/21/23)
2023 Book Count: 661

New books:

Title: Exploration of Aïr: Out of the world north of Nigeria
Author: Buchanan, Angus, 1886-1954
Published: US, 1921

Title: The lonely plough
Author: Holme, Constance
Published: UK, 1914

Title: Mary Christmas
Author: Chase, Mary Ellen, 1887-1973
Published: US, 1926

Title: The art of preserving health: A poem
Author: Armstrong, John, 1709-1779
Published: UK, 1744

Title: Panouille
Author: Sandre, Thierry, 1890-1950
Published: France, 1926
Language: French

Title: Bobby and Betty with the workers
Author: Dopp, Katharine Elizabeth, 1863-
Illustrator: Brand, Mary Spoor
Published: US, 1923

Title: Arctic exploration
Author: Hoare, Douglas
Published: US, 1906

Title: The essentials of bandaging
Author: Hill, Berkeley
Published: US, 1869

Title: Educational laws of Virginia: The personal narrative of Mrs. Margaret Douglass, a southern woman, who was imprisoned for one month in the common jail of Norfolk, under the laws of Virginia, for the crime of teaching free colored children to read
Author: Douglass, Margaret
Published: US, 1854.

Title: The declaration and confession of Robert Watt: Written, subscribed, & delivered by himself, the evening before His execution
Author: Watt, Robert
Published: UK, 1794

Updated books:

Title: Two fares east
Author: Tuttle, W. C. (Wilbur C.), 1883-1969
Published: US,1926
Subject: Western stories
Subject: Hartley, Hashknife (Fictitious character) — Fiction
Subject: Stevens, Sleepy (Fictitious character) — Fiction
Released: Jun 29, 2022