New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (03/26/23)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (03/26/23)
2023 Book Count: 707

New books:

Title: “A Cathcart or a Riggs?”
Author: Norton, Roy, 1869-1942
Published: US, 1926
Subject: Short story from “The Popular Magazine”
Subject: Western stories
EBook: 70360

Title: The terror
Author: Coppel, Alfred, 1921-2004
Illustrator: Luros, Milton, 1911-1999
Published: US, 1950
Subject: Short story from “Future” magazine
Subject: Science fiction
Subject: Space travelers — Fiction
EBook: 70361

Title: Kaunis ystävä
Author: Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893
Translator: Nuormaa, Arvi, 1895-1956
Published: Finland, 1955
Language: Finnish
Subject: Conduct of life — Fiction
Subject: Social classes — Fiction
Subject: France — Politics and government — 1870-1940 — Fiction
EBook: 70362

Title: Les amours de Faustine: Poésies latines traduites pour la première fois et publiées avec une introduction et des notes par Thierry Sandre
Author: Du Bellay, Joachim, 1522?-1560
Translator: Sandre, Thierry, 1890-1950
Published: France, 1923
Language: French
Subject: Latin poetry, Medieval and modern — Translations into French
EBook: 70363

Title: And there was light
Author: Del Rey, Lester, 1915-1993
Published: US, 1951
Subject: Short story from “Future” magazine
Subject: Science fiction
EBook: 70364

Title: Chambers’s Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, fifth series, no. 121, vol. III, April 24, 1886
Author: Various
Published: UK, 1853
Subject: Periodicals
EBook: 70365

Title: Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park: Spruce-tree House
Author: Fewkes, Jesse Walter, 1850-1930
Published: US, 1909
Subject: Government publications
Subject: Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) — Antiquities
EBook: 70366

Title: Accounting theory and practice, Volume 1 (of 3): a textbook for colleges and schools of business administration
Author: Kester, Roy B. (Roy Bernard), 1882-1965
Published: US, 1922
Subject: Accounting
EBook: 70367

Title: Washington cover-up
Author: Mollenhoff, Clark R. (Clark Raymond), 1921-1991
Published: US, 1962
Subject: Government information — United States
Subject: Executive privilege (Government information) — United States
EBook: 70368

Title: Monsieur Barbe-Bleue… et Madame
Author: Mille, Pierre, 1864-1941
Published: France, 1922
Language: French
EBook: 70369
Released: Mar 24, 2023

Title: Lord Lister No. 0020: De bloeddorstige
Author: Blankensee, Theo von, 1888?-1928
Author: Matull, Kurt, 1872-1930?
Published: Netherlands, 1910
Language: Dutch
EBook: 70370

Title: Colas Breugnon
Author: Rolland, Romain, 1866-1944
Translator: Miller, Katherine
Published: US, 1919
EBook: 70371

Title: Chambers’s journal of popular literature, science, and art, fifth series, no. 122, vol. III, May 1, 1886
Author: Various
Published: UK, 1853
EBook: 70372

Title: Our Arctic province: Alaska and the Seal Islands
Author: Elliott, Henry Wood
Published: US, 1906
EBook: 70373

Title: The Burlington magazine: for connoisseurs. vol. II—June to August
Contributor: Various
Published: UK, 1903
EBook: 70374

Title: Discoveries in Egypt, Ethiopia and the peninsula of Sinai, in the years 1842-1845, during the mission sent out by his majesty, Frederick William IV of Prussia.
Author: Lepsius, Richard, 1810-1884
Editor: Mackenzie, Kenneth R. H. (Kenneth Robert Henderson), 1833-1886
Published: UK, 1853
EBook: 70375

Title: Il segreto di Matteo Arpione: Aristocrazia II
Author: Bersezio, Vittorio, 1830-1900
Published: Italy, 1881
Language: Italian
EBook: 70376

Title: Fifty years in Wall Street
Author: Clews, Henry
Published: US, 1908
EBook: 70377

Title: Twelve months in Madagascar
Author: Mullens, Joseph
Published: US, 1875
EBook: 70378

Title: Oil!
Author: Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
Published: US, 1926
EBook: 70379

Title: The “Land & Water” edition of Raemaekers’ cartoons
Author: Raemaekers, Louis, 1869-1956
Contributor: Various
Illustrator: Raemaekers, Louis, 1869-1956
Published: UK, 1916
EBook: 70380