New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (11/22/22)

2022 Book Count: 3227

New books:

Title: Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus: Musical Christmas play in four scenes
Author: Brunton, Maud
Published United States: Beckley-Cardy Company,1922.
EBook: https: //
Released: Nov 21, 2022

Title: You can’t win
Author: Black, Jack
Contributor: Herrick, Robert, 1591-1674
Published United States: The Macmillan Company,1926.
EBook: https: //
Released: Nov 22, 2022

Title: The Old Town
Author: Riis, Jacob A. (Jacob August), 1849-1914
Illustrator: Benda, Wladyslaw T. (Wladyslaw Theodore), 1873-1948
Published United States: The Macmillan Company,1909.
EBook: https: //
Released: Nov 21, 2022

Title: Twice round the clock: Or the hours of the day and night in London
Author: Sala, George Augustus, 1828-1895
Illustrator: M’Connel, William
Published United Kingdom: Richard Marsh,1862.
EBook: https: //
Released: Nov 21, 2022

Title: Ornithological biography, Vol. 3 (of 5): An account of the habits of the birds of the United Author: Audubon, John James, 1785-1851
States of America,
EBook: https: //
Released: Nov 21, 2022

Title: Gay life in Paris, Multum in parvo library, vol. 2, no. 18, June, 1895
Author: Anonymous
Published United States: A. B. Courtney,1895.
EBook: https: //
Released: Nov 21, 2022

Updated books:

Title: Bambi
Author: Cooke, Marjorie Benton, 1876-1920
Illustrator: Blumenschein, Mary Shepard Greene, 1869-1958
Subject: Marriage — Fiction
Subject: Theater — Fiction
EBook: https: //
Released: Feb 1, 2004

Title: A Complete Grammar of Esperanto
Author: Reed, Ivy Kellerman, 1877-1968
Language: Esperanto
Subject: Esperanto — Grammar
EBook: https: //
Released: Mar 1, 2005

Title: The Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 3
Author: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834
Editor: Coleridge, Henry Nelson, 1798-1843
Formula fidei de SS.
Nightly prayer
Subject: Literature — History and criticism
EBook: https: //
Released: Sep 1, 2005

Title: Mosaics of Grecian History
Author: Willson, Marcius, 1813-1905
Author: Wilson, Robert Pierpont
Credits: Robert J. Hall
Updated: 2022-11-21.
Subject: Greece — History
EBook: https: //
Released: Nov 1, 2004