New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (12/18/22)

New/Updated Project Gutenberg Releases (12/18/22)
2022 Book Count: 3551

New books:

Title: Congo life and folklore
Author: Weeks, John Henry
Published: UK, 1911
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 17, 2022

Title: Egyptian Book of the dead
Author: Naville, E.
Author: Renouf, P. le Page
Published: UK, 1904
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 17, 2022

Title: Maan tasalta: Vaatimattomia tarinoita
Author: Sillanpää, Frans Eemil, 1888-1964
Published: Finland: WSOY,1924.
Language: Finnish
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 17, 2022

Title: Brelan des dames
Author: Montesquiou-Fézensac, Robert, comte de, 1855-1921
Published: France:, 1912
Language: French
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 17, 2022

Title: The wooing of Leola
Author: Miller, Alex. McVeigh, Mrs., 1850-1937
Published: US, 1906
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 17, 2022

Title: Friends and cousins
Author: Brown, Abbie Farwell, 1871-1927
Illustrator: Brown, Ethel C.
Published: US, 1907
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 18, 2022

Title: Euterpe: Or, the future of art
Author: McColvin, Lionel R.
Published: UK, 1926
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 18, 2022

Title: Fundamental ideas and problems of the theory of relativity
Author: Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
Published: Sweden:, 1923
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 18, 2022

Updated books:

Title: The Immortals: Masterpieces of Fiction, Crowned by the French Academy — Complete
Author: Various
Alternate Title: The French Immortals Series — Complete
Subject: Literature — Collections
Subject: French fiction
EBook: https: //
Released: Oct 30, 2004

Title: The Project Gutenberg Complete Works of Gilbert Parker
Author: Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932
Subject: Indexes
EBook: https: //
Released: Aug 1, 2004

Title: Time and the Gods
Author: Dunsany, Lord, 1878-1957
Subject: Fantasy fiction, English
EBook: https: //
Released: May 1, 2005

Title: The Torrents of Spring
Author: Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883
Translator: Garnett, Constance, 1861-1946
Subject: First loves — Fiction
Subject: Man-woman relationships — Fiction
Subject: Russian fiction — Translations into English
EBook: https: //
Released: Feb 1, 2006

Title: The Road to Mandalay: A Tale of Burma
Author: Croker, B. M. (Bithia Mary), 1849?-1920
Subject: Drug traffic — Fiction
Subject: British — Burma — Fiction
Subject: Drug abuse — Fiction
EBook: https: //
Released: Apr 23, 2006

Title: Russian Fairy Tales from the Skazki of Polevoi
Author: Polevoi, P. (Petr), 1839-1902
Illustrator: Gere, Charles M. (Charles March), 1869-1957
Subject: Tales — Russia
Subject: Fairy tales — Russia
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 20, 2010

Title: Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales
A Sequel to the Nursery Rhymes of England
Author: Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. (James Orchard), 1820-1889
Subject: Children’s stories, English
Subject: Nursery rhymes, English
EBook: https: //

Title: Portraits of Children of the Mobility
Author: Leigh, Percival, 1813-1889
Illustrator: Leech, John, 1817-1864
Subject: Caricatures and cartoons — Great Britain
Subject: London (England) — Social life and customs — Pictorial works
EBook: https: //
Released: Jan 30, 2014

Title: Oxford
Author: Minchin, Harry Christopher, 1861-1941
Author: Peel, Robert
Subject: Oxford (England) — Description and travel
Subject: University of Oxford
EBook: https: //
Released: Apr 1, 2014

Title: The spell of the heart of France: the towns, villages and châteaux about Paris
Author: Hallays, André, 1859-1930
Translator: Fraprie, Frank Roy, 1874-1951
Subject: France — Description and travel
Subject: France — History
EBook: https: //
Released: Jul 19, 2014

Title: Index of the Project Gutenberg Works of Herman Melville
Author: Melville, Herman, 1819-1891
Editor: Widger, David, 1932-2021?
Subject: Indexes
EBook: https: //
Released: Dec 16, 2018