Off Topic Wednesday. A Bit About Writing Implements

Continuing my meanderings about writing implements I thought I’d give you a look at some of the pens in my collection.
When we discuss old books does anyone consider the actual act of penning the books? How laborious it must have been.
The first “pens” were reeds, then quills, then some clever fellow in ancient Rome designed the nib. My collection of nib pens in above image.

Two Particularly Pretty Nib Pens.

After the mass production of nibs in the early 19th century the nib pen was in common use with some variations. The dip pen, the fountain pen with the bladder and later the cartridge.

Collection of Vintage Pen Sets

The end of the 19th century begat the ball point pen.
When there was still some class and dignity amongst the population and beauty was appreciated there was no shortage of beautiful and quality pens available.

Two Beautiful Waterman Pens. A Nib Pen and A Ballpoint.

Waterman was a high end pen manufacturer. Montblanc and Esterbrook also made pens for the wealthy.

The Common Man’s Pens

But, even the working class wanted and appreciated a nice looking pen and Cross and Sheafer were 2 companies meeting that need.

Hand Crafted Wood Pen Set

I’d say into the 1970’s it was not uncommon to receive a nice set of handsome pens, for the graduate, or someone starting a new job. But, I think the ballpoint pen was often more practical, thus so many pens stayed in their presentation boxes stuffed in a desk drawer. Goody for me as I find so many in wonderful unused condition.

Two Fun Pens. Reminds Me of My Old Cigar Bar Days.

You might ask, where does someone keeps such a collection. Look below. One of the best Christmas gifts my husband ever gave me.

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