Off Topic Wednesday | I’m going with Kid Art

Daughter C (circa 2015)

When my girls were in grade/middle school they went to ‘clay class,’ taught by a sculptor [sculptress?] who had a daughter of the same age, and who had a small studio in town. She’d offer classes to groups such as girl scout troops, classes of private school kids and such. She herself was quite a good artist, and she loved kids. So she’d give them just enough instructions so that their pieces actually turned out looking like something. But she’d also give them freedom to be creative. The results were interesting.

She once told a story about asking a little girl who was picking up her finished work where she thought her mom was going to put it in their home. The girl responded that her mother would just put it away because it didn’t go with the decor.

To be sure, there are sadder stories in the history of mankind. But this must rank among the top 10.

“The Cat & The Fiddle,” crayon on paper, Daughter C (circa 1988)

“Bebe and Tommy by the Watershed,” watercolor, Caroline Cooper (2021)

And now on to the various topics that will occupy me today. What’s your Off Topic?

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  1. So sweet ❤️❤️❤️

    We don’t have kids, but my husband is an art teacher and has taught all levels. The best are the little kids who are fearless and full of imagination. Kids say (and come up with) the darndest things. 🤣

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