Off Topic Wednesday. Prepping for the Big Texas Freeze.

Besides prepping water pipes, figuring how to keep chickens warm and their water thawed I think we need to worry about possible power outage due to predicted high winds and strain on grid from millions trying to keep warm. I’m fully implementing Marica’s plan to do my laundry Thursday and dry the clothes Thursday evening thus using dryer as a source of heat. Great idea! Thanks Marica.

Plenty With Which To Amuse Myself Should We Lose Power

My weather app indicates low of 8° with winds above 40 mph and windchill of -15°. Hmmm. Local TV (Dallas, nothing closer) weather says 10° with no mention of high winds. Of course, meteorologist haven’t really perfected forecasts we can rely upon in a day to day, weekly timeline. However, rest assured that those involved in the science of weather can assure us that unless we all purchase a $40,000- 50,000+ ev car soon, the world will end in some 6 years or so.

Stay warm, be safe. I’m sure we’ll chat again before Christmas.

14 thoughts on “Off Topic Wednesday. Prepping for the Big Texas Freeze.”

    1. Ain’t that the truth. But, I remember Christmas day in Corpus Christie in 1996, 90°+ temperature and 90%+ humidity. I wasn’t at all keen on that! The coastal town in Oregon that I relocated from is experiencing frozen rain. So… 6 of one half dozen of the other. It’s a toss up.

  1. I get your recipes on that thingy of yours I signed up for. But tonight I think it’ll be easy to make Snugglers for us. Hot Chocolate with peppermint schnapps. 😋
    It’s now about 17° with wind chill factor taking us down to 1°. More snow expected soon. Just enough to watch it tranquilly through the windows.

  2. And so it begins. Winds starting up, about 20 mph now and temps starting to drop, about 38° now. Enjoy the ride and keep warm. The crock pot of stew I started yesterday will help. Mmmm good.

  3. 23rd and 24th are below freezing night and day. 25th above freezing and with wind chill slightly above freezing. Here’s hoping you don’t lose power and have to grind coffee beans by hand. But is you do… have fun and think of me 🤗
    The chickens have a nice place to roost in, but 1/2 dozen of the fools insist in roosting on top off coop. Not safe from predators or inclimate weather. But Jane and I have worked on it a bit and they should be ok now.

    1. Good to hear about the chicks.

      I think of you every time I walk into the kitchen and pass the counter that has the grinder and other old kitchen tools!

      Current worry #1 is LP. Called Monday am and still no delivery. Called today, “We’ll get you taken care of.” I’m sure they will but I’d rather it be sooner than later

      #2 is the apartment. We’ve got a whole house gen. Did that a couple of years ago. So the house and Bunkhouse are okay. Apt though is electric heat and we’d have had to install a separate whole house for it. So… right now I’m cranking things up, 100W incandescents in shop lights attached to under sink doors.

      #3 is that we’re at the end of the line. I can do everything perfectly and somebody upstream of us doesn’t do their part and there goes our water.

  4. The only good news here is that the forecast low temperature keeps creeping up. And we’re expected to get above freezing on Christmas rather than Monday. As well, gusts overnight Thursday aren’t forecast to be quite as strong, though 42mph isn’t anything to ignore.

    I called Monday to have LP tanks refilled. I & everyone else, apparently as the guy hasn’t been here yet.

    Don’t know what to suggest regarding the chickens. JoBeth has chicks and she has a plan but I can’t remember what it is.

    You guys stay warm. Read something good!

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