Our Wonder World

Jesse Prinz, Philosopher, CUNY

Jesse has been thinking, talking, and writing about wonder for quite a while. I think he’s on to something. I wonder if too many people–especially kids–have lost the ability to feel wonder these days? Certainly you can’t marvel at the heavens if you can’t see them at night. Nor can you find wonder in books if you don’t own any.

Jesse gave a long version of one of his talks on wonder in Starkvegas some years ago. When we got back to the Farm, I showed him Volume 1 of Our Wonder World. He got his laptop out and bought a set.

It looks as if they are all available at Archive but I don’t see them at PG.

The scans below are all from the first volume. The rest are just as wonderful. It’s the sort of set you just sit down with on the floor and start exploring. Something every home should have. Something everyone should take the time to do. I love how we’re “off for the planets” in an aeroplane, and the Childhood of Man is worth a read, especially if you’re into creation stories.