Per’s First Old Book

My First ‘Old’ Books

I noticed Marica was able to make ‘Replys’ so I wanted to reply to Per and couldn’t find an option for that. I can see Marica’s reply and the option to reply to her was apparent. Anyway, I decided to respond to him via a post. Pictured above are my first ‘old’ books. A born book lover, up to this point I had a rather modern library of Nancy Drew, Bobsey Twins and my mythology books. My treasured find is not as old as Per’s and I was a bit older than he. I was around 14 years old, my parents owned an antique store and I would go with them on buying trips. On this particular trip they stopped at a shop in the country at a family farm. As my parents were dealing with the owners I wandered and found a stairway to an attic like room and up I went. I discovered this set of books. From 1903 and “Limited to only 1000 sets” this set being “Set 856”. Taking the books downstairs the owner quoted me a price of $1.50 for the set. This would be around 1968 and with my grape picking money (.30 cents per lug) they were something I could easily afford. More than 50 years later I still have this treasured set. 15 years in the military, living in multiple cities in a half dozen states and in Europe this is one of a few things from my past that has endured time and travel. And… a cherished part of my life.

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  1. Just beautiful! And a great story, too. My first really old book (in addition to the couple of children’s books of my folks) came from a yard sale. A leather bound Rubaiyat.

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