Random Choice | Ancient Times

Ancient Times A History of the Early World: An Introduction to the Study of Ancient History and the Career of Early Man. James Henry Breasted. Ginn and Company, Boston. 1916

Moving down a shelf from the top two cookbook shelves, we begin our journey through some history, mostly. Note the qualifiers, ‘some’ and ‘mostly.’ Breasted, according to that Infallible Source was a serious Egyptologist. My tendencies lean more toward the Phœnicians, so I was pleased to see how very complimentary he was toward them. He says,

After the tale of how Greek pronunciation changed the original Phœnician, he says,

The word “alphabet,” therefore should remind us of the great debt we owe to the Orient, and especially to the Phœniciancs, for the priceless gift of alphabet writing. For the Phœnician alphabet spread from Greece to Italy and at last throughout Europe. Indeed, every alphabet of the civilized world descended from Phœnician.

pg. 272