Re: Weekend Open Thread. What are you Thinking?

My New Mucks Arrived Late Wednesday Afternoon.

Started raining Thursday and hasn’t stopped. I’m thinking the timely arrival of my boots was a Thanksgiving miracle!!! 🤠

5 thoughts on “Re: Weekend Open Thread. What are you Thinking?”

  1. Love those boots! I live in the Pacific Northwest, and yes…it’s raining. The weather and the scenery are the best parts of living here. Perfect for reading year round.

    1. Bit o’ weather Trivia. Texas gets about the same amount of precipitation as Oregon (where I lived previously). The differenc: It takes Oregon all year to accumulate what Texas seems to get in short order. As the saying goes. Everything is bigger in Texas. Even their rain storms.

  2. Mucking around! Sounds like fun. Though I’d be more inclined to cozy up with a cup of tea and an old book! But you gotta do what you have to do.

    We are down about 15″ from our yearly average. But average is a pretty poor indicator since we didn’t get much–any?–tropical stuff this year.

    1. The chickens and cows don’t see it your way. Late summer we were down 10″. Then one day we received 9″. Then a couple weeks of rather dry spring like weather and now, the last couple weeks, heavy rain couple times a week. Dunno if we’ll ever dry out. I don’t really mind. Reminds me of the Pacific Northwest, the kind of weather I love.

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