Ref: Bird’s Manners

Out the kitchen windows, in the cow pasture, we have the pleasant view of a pond. It is always a pleasure to witness a gaggle of Canada Geese (did you know they are called a Skein while airborne?) use the pond as a rest stop. I’ve counted at least 17 in a group. Maybe more, maybe less, the won’t stand still for a head count. We’ve noticed, always, as the masses go about the business of foraging and bathing, one goose will be ‘standing guard’. He (we assume a he) stands tall with his neck stretched out to the sky as far as possible. Apparently looking for possible prey in the area. Have not yet witnessed an alert that would send the gaggle into a panic. Besides the human hunter exercising their 2nd ammendment I can’t say I know what is a natural prey for geese.