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Albert’s Son | Horizon September 1961

We’re going to continue with the new format. As always a complete article is only a scan away if you’d like. (And I’ll take greater can than I did with some of these.) Text and images ©1961 American Heritage Publishing Company, New York, New York. “Will the new atmosphere translate itself into a style–perhaps even …

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“people are too damned dumb” | Horizon July 1961

I have only skimmed this but there are echos of C.P. Snow (and others) floating about. The main focus seems to be the shifts–beginning with Bacon–between the big picture and little picture of the world. This of course leads to the inevitable conclusion that “the haphazard scientific technology pursued without regard for its relevance to …

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Random Choice | Ancient Times

Moving down a shelf from the top two cookbook shelves, we begin our journey through some history, mostly. Note the qualifiers, ‘some’ and ‘mostly.’ Breasted, according to that Infallible Source was a serious Egyptologist. My tendencies lean more toward the Phœnicians, so I was pleased to see how very complimentary he was toward them. He …

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Just One Big Picture Window | Horizon July 1960

“The exact moment when privacy began going out of Amer­ican life has never been fixed by scholars. Perhaps it was the day when Chic Young. creator of “Blondie.” first put Dagwood in the bathtub.”