Superman’s mom | Horizon November 1961

COVER: Paul Klee had the kind of innocent magic that could evoke a wistful human face from the simplest of geometric forms. In Senecio he does it with circles for head and eyes, a straight line to suggest a nose, and two tiny rectangles where one would expect a mouth. “It is not my task to reproduce appearances,” he once wrote in his diary; “for that there is the photographic plate … but my faces are truer than life.”

World’s Last Working Fore-Edge Painter

The world’s last known commercial fore-edge painter shares the secrets of his mesmerizing “vanishing” images, painted between the page edges of books, to help keep the magic of his dying craft alive. London-born vanishing fore-edge painter, Martin Frost, paints on the page edges of gold-gilded books. The pages are fanned to reveal his delicate handiwork. Today, Frost, …

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