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Just One Big Picture Window | Horizon July 1960

“The exact moment when privacy began going out of Amer­ican life has never been fixed by scholars. Perhaps it was the day when Chic Young. creator of “Blondie.” first put Dagwood in the bathtub.”

Tawdry Lace | Horizon May 1960

There are many kinds of fame, some to be desired, some, perhaps, to be avoided. One of the strangest is that which preserves the name of the man alone, while the man himself is entirely forgotten. –Their Names are Writ in Webster This week’s feature looks at the strange fame some men’s names have achieved. …

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Introducing Horizon: A Magazine of the Arts

Published as a hardcover magazine from September 1958 through July 1977, Horizon articles discussed the past, present and future of the fine arts, architecture, music, liberal arts, and culture– including contemporary American culture. It was first published bi-monthly, and later changed to four issues per yearly volume. In 1977 it switched to soft-cover which because …

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The Art on the Dust Cover

You’ve found another old book. Now you’ll need to find some shelf space or, for us in over our heads, floor space to house this new treasure. But wait, this latest acquisition has the original dust cover. Dust covers/book jackets provide much needed protection for that rare, or not so rare tome, to me they …

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