Social Consequences? | Horizon January 1962

For your reading pleasure (and amusement) I’ve scanned the complete, 5-page article. Though Clarke’s terminology is not what we use, he was quite precient in many respects. One idea that has been discussed at some length is the Orbital Post Office which may make most air mail obsolete in a decade or so. A single …

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Albert’s Son | Horizon September 1961

We’re going to continue with the new format. As always a complete article is only a scan away if you’d like. (And I’ll take greater can than I did with some of these.) Text and images ©1961 American Heritage Publishing Company, New York, New York. “Will the new atmosphere translate itself into a style–perhaps even …

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Books Bygone

Filed under, Well, I’ll be damned. I was looking to get something up quickly this morning so I searched my blog for “category: old books,” and “search: coffee.” I was thinking I’d get some hits for posts I’d done there on old coffee table books and do some copy/paste. And indeed, I did get some …

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Off Topic Followup | Fountain Pen for a Young Person

Marcia’s post about writing implements was fascinating. She’s got quite a collection of fountain pens. Beautiful! We got our grandson his first fountain pen not long ago and he enjoys it. I think this might be it. Not long ago I came across an article at The Imaginative Conservative, “A Christmas Gift to Provoke Young …

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Yesterday’s Finds | A Father & Daughter Bookstore

We traveled yesterday to the Capitol City of Mississippi which is quite a hole. It’s way up on the list of most dangerous and stupid places in the U.S. of A. Years ago it had some great old book stores, one, I remember fondly, managed by the guy who was tasked with inventorying Edora Welty’s …

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How America Eats | An old cookbook

For twelve years–beginning 1948–Clementine Paddleford traveled around the country collecting material for her now classic book, How America Eats (1960). Each set of recipes she gathered from farm wives, diner cooks, restaurant chefs, or just the lady in town famous for her caramels is prefaced by an introduction to the person and place.

The Art of Dining | Off Topic Wednesday

Off topic because the book is too new. The Art of Dining: A History of Cooking and Eating. Sara Paston-Williams. The National Trust. Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, London. 1993 (reprint 1995). This is a beautiful book. Art, history, recreated tables and kitchens, recipes, floor plans for pantries and kitchens… Anyone doing research would fin …

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Cookbooks & Food Writing?

Much more to say about this old book because I think it’s one of the first actual cookbooks. (And I love old cookbooks.) Meanwhile, I have some notes from a class (no longer online) that traces the history of food writing. Most of it is about cookbooks and such by American chefs and writers of …

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