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Weekend Open Thread | For the Birds

Reading about Cedar Waxwings in Birds of America (T. Gilbert Pearson, ed., Garden City Books, Garden City, New York, 1936). Writing nothing much, I’m afraid. Thinking about what beautiful descriptions were in the old guides, such as Birds of America. Perhaps more on this later in the day.

To me, it sounds like Newspeak

A friend over at another site was interested in an article mentioned in the last Horizon post. I scanned a PDF of “The Bible is Given New Speech,” and the rebuttal, “To me, it sounds like Newspeak.” It’s here if anyone wants to read it. Here’s the table that accompanied the article: Horizon: A Magazine …

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Of Eunuchs and Men

I am very doubtful whether history shows us one example of a man who, having stepped outside traditional morality and attained power, has used that power benevolently. I am inclined to think that the Conditioners will hate the conditioned. Though regarding as an illusion the artificial conscience which they produce in us their subjects, they …

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