The Bible

Book Request

From our friend Haaswurth Good evening/morning everyone,  Wanted to Buy for our home library: A decent set of Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentaries.  Preferably 19th century in leather or half leather bindings, not ex library (or with minimal markings).  All boards attached. The Bagster or Brattleboro editions would suit, or whatever you have that fits the …

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To me, it sounds like Newspeak

A friend over at another site was interested in an article mentioned in the last Horizon post. I scanned a PDF of “The Bible is Given New Speech,” and the rebuttal, “To me, it sounds like Newspeak.” It’s here if anyone wants to read it. Here’s the table that accompanied the article: Horizon: A Magazine …

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A Greater Love for the Christmas Season

Commenting on @wellsprynge’s Vatican II post, I was reminded that I have a book, Great Sermons on the Birth of Christ by Celebrated Preachers (Smith, ed., 1963) which includes a Christmas Day sermon by Luther. Quite interesting but too long to post. (But if someone wants to ead it, I can scan as a pdf …

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