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The history of today | Modern Eloquence

Below is something I wrote almost ten years ago–an unfinished draft of an article for my local weekly newspaper. Never got it quite right, but it’s got a nice description of the old book, Modern Eloquence, and for those unfamiliar with how MLKjr wound up being named MLKjr, some interesting tidbits of actual “modern” history. …

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The Studio 1931

Modem ornament seeks to represent neither a likeness of the thing which is its nominal theme, nor yet a fanciful interpretation of its lineaments, but a sort of synthesis of the basic idea underlying it. It selects some arbitrary aspect of its model, such as its appearance in motion…

The Return of Arnold Toynbee | Just doing my part + a sad book story

When we are investigating the relations between the facts of History, we are trying to see God through History with our intellects. The sorting out of facts is essentially an intellectual activity. The Intellect, however, is only one faculty of the Soul. When we think about some­thing, we are apt also to have feelings about it, and our impulse to express our feelings is still stronger than our impulse to express our thoughts. –Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History

“Radical, militant librarian.”

I just received my December issue of the New Criterion and this article drew my immediate attention. I can’t describe the despair, anger and hopelessness that I feel watching the destruction of our most beloved institutions. https://newcriterion.com//pdf-version/article/2022/12/a-library-by-the-book