Texas Winter Wonderland

Still unable to reply. Power on and off yesterday. I figure from downed branches. Managed to get a pot roast finished between outages. Power off since 1ish am today. Have propane heater going this morning and propane cooker provided coffee. We’ll enjoy the hearty roast today, for sure (via propane cooker). Warmed up today to about 32° with rain. Amazing, the cows and chickens seem undisturbed with the cold and icy weather. We’ll see what the day brings. Third February in Texas, same weather experience every February. I figure it’s a Texas tradition, kinda like Festivus. 🤪

1 thought on “Texas Winter Wonderland”

  1. Looks terrible. We’re staying above freezing for the time being, and just rain. Read somewhere that y’all have plenty of electricity to go around this time but the frozen limbs are the problem. Glad you’ve got backups for cooking and coffee. I just installed several surge protectors b/c we’re coming up on off-on-off-on time of year. Decided to get one for the new refrigerator. It’s not smart, but it’s not dumb either and I do not want it to get fried. Good luck!

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