To me, it sounds like Newspeak

A friend over at another site was interested in an article mentioned in the last Horizon post. I scanned a PDF of “The Bible is Given New Speech,” and the rebuttal, “To me, it sounds like Newspeak.” It’s here if anyone wants to read it.

Here’s the table that accompanied the article:

Horizon: A Magazine of the Arts Volume III, Number 4. American Horizon, Inc., New York. March 1961. pgs. 94-97.

2 thoughts on “To me, it sounds like Newspeak”

  1. Personally, other than translating from original language to another, I’d prefer to see the original. I’d prefer to decide for myself what was intended. But, since the history of the Torah/Bible was word of mouth and then written out by scribes (some of questionable abilities) who really knows what they actually wanted to relate to the world.

    1. My problem with these “new” versions of anything rewritten for today’s readers is that they botch the beauty of the language/poetry so badly. Hey. Let’s rewrite Dante so the kids under the lamp post at night will get it.

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