Yet Another Set of Little Masterpieces: Humor

1903 Little Masterpieces: Humor

There’s really no shortage of the Little Masterpieces books. I think they covered every topic, including history and science. However, this Humor edition is a little bit special.

Leather spine and corners, and my favorite, marbled front and back boards and end papers.

Before online shopping, my parents, owners of the Olde Time Clock and Antique Shoppe, would travel on buying trips. I would occasionally accompany them. It was around 1968, 69, we were at a shop in an old house. As my folks conducted business with the owner I found myself upstairs in an attic type room. And there I found this beautiful set of books. Back downstairs I was delighted to hear the price was a paltry $1.50, and then they were mine.

Limited Edition

What I found fascinating, and still do, is that there were only 1000 sets of this edition printed. I often consider, in the last 120 years, how many of these beautiful sets have met their demise, to fire, flood, mishandling or simply tossed in the garbage? I’ve never been able to find this particular edition in my searches.

Each Book’s Flyleaf has a Different Authors Portrait
There around 20 – 25 Authors per Volume. Many I’ve never heard of. But a Nice Variety Non the Less.

These poor books have either been in storage or traveled around the country with me lo these 50 years.

I Did Find This Excerpt, from G. H. Derby’s Illustrated Newspapers, to be Humorous.

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  1. Marcia– The editor of your set, Thomas L. Masson, also edited the two volumes of American Wit and Humor in the Pocket University set with the Guide to Daily Readings. Both were published by Doubleday, Page & Company.

    Just skimming the TOC you posted, and from my set, there’s obviously cross-over. The Pocket Univ. was first published in 1903 and if I’m remembering correctly, was one of those one volume per month subscriptions (though I’m not positive).

    Who is the editor-in-chief of your Little Masterpieces? Lyman Abbott and Asa Don Dickinson for Pocket U.

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