Great Books

Per Mark Twain, “The great books are the books that everyone wishes he had read, but no one wants to read”. People wish they had read them because they are indispensable material… They shy away from reading them because these books require thought. Mortimer J. Adler, Professor, Philosopher, Literary Critic. Out of The Best Books, …

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Befallen Adventures

He gave them a brief relation of all the  adventures that had befallen him. First published in 1808, mine is the Platt & Peck Co. edition from 1902. An excellent introduction to the classic for kids who haven’t yet mastered their Greek. Originally published at on August 10, 2021 

Good Advice

The avoidance of famine I suggest you reflect on the clearing of your debts and the avoidance of famine. First, a household… . The utilities in the house must all be got ready, lest you ask another, and he refuse, and you be lacking, and the right time go past, and your cultivation suffer. Do …

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Angels’ Wings | Horizon November 1960

Why do angels have wings? In early Christian times God’s messengers walked as men. But after the sweeping conversions of the pagan world Christian artists found inspiration in the flying deities of ancient faiths.

I’m Dreaming…

of a White Christmas… As far as I’m concerned, white Christmases can stay in Vermont, but I want you to have that tune in your head as I tell the story of little Israel Baline, and the man he came to be. Israel was born in Temun, Russia in 1888. His family was Jewish and …

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“The Fir Tree”

If it’s been ages since you’ve read “The Fir Tree,” carve out a few minutes from your busy weekend, make yourself a nice cup of tea (served in a Christmas mug), and sit down with the Fir. When you’ve finished, go outside and take a walk around. Think about the old Fir. When you’re home, …

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens | Guide to Daily Reading 11/30/22

COLONEL MULBERRY SELLERS was in his “library,” which was his “drawing-room,” and was also his “picture gallery,” and likewise his “workshop.” Sometimes he called it by one of these names, sometimes by another, according to occasion and circumstance. He was constructing what seemed to be some kind of a frail mechanical toy, and was apparently very much interested in his work. He was a white-headed man now…

The Return of Arnold Toynbee | Just doing my part + a sad book story

When we are investigating the relations between the facts of History, we are trying to see God through History with our intellects. The sorting out of facts is essentially an intellectual activity. The Intellect, however, is only one faculty of the Soul. When we think about some­thing, we are apt also to have feelings about it, and our impulse to express our feelings is still stronger than our impulse to express our thoughts. –Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History

Miniatures + 1200 Years in One Easy Chart

The other day, @marciawac showed us her collection of Little Books. I call mine Miniatures, but I suppose they are just little. For scale, the shelf measures about 17.5″ by 16″. The collection of glassware on the top are 10ml Pyrex flasks. Greek Literature (1890) is from the Literature Primer Series from American Book Company. …

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