Wondrous Works of God’s Creation

From @zeugma’s Project Gutenberg Daily Releases comes this… SHELLS AND PEBBLES. A Story for Children. BY THE AUTHOR OF “STORIES FOR THE NURSERY.” PUBLISHED UNDER THE DIRECTION OFTHE COMMITTEE OF GENERAL LITERATURE AND EDUCATION,APPOINTED BY THE SOCIETY FOR PROMOTINGCHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. 1852. EBook: <– Cuttle-fish and eggs “This,” said Mr. Miller, “is the backbone of …

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The Art on the Dust Cover

You’ve found another old book. Now you’ll need to find some shelf space or, for us in over our heads, floor space to house this new treasure. But wait, this latest acquisition has the original dust cover. Dust covers/book jackets provide much needed protection for that rare, or not so rare tome, to me they …

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