Romantic Figures

There is nothing romantic in figures, and the average man takes little interest in any subject pertaining to them. As a result of this antipathy, there is plenty of historic evidence of man’s endeavor to minimize the hated drudgery of calculation.” –J. A. V. Turck Origin of Modern Calculating Machines (1921) Apologies for the false …

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I Call Them Reckoning Books

Chit chatting with Marica over the weekend we briefly touched on some of the odd books we like to find. With Marica it’s old Stat Books. You’ll have to ask her about that. Me? I’m fascinated with what I call reckoning books. Just imagine compiling such a book with out the aid of a computer. …

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The main thing is to understand that in a world dominated by scientific methods and inventions the history of science should be the keystone of higher education. –George Sarton in the Preface to The Study of the History of Mathematics and The Study of the History of Science (second printing, 1957) From that infallible source: George Alfred Leon …

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